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Practice for interference field diagnosis and life-energy consulting "New Homeopathy" after Erich Körbler® - Mrs Mecki Zürker You can always take an individual appointment. The "New Homeopathy" is a consultative medical care, a holistic method, which takes into consideration various aspects of the living conditions, environmental influences and psychological factors. For further information, please ask us at the hotel or visit the website:
Water and salt... for culinary delights and health. Discover the forces of nature! Mineral salt is organic energy. The pure natural crystal salt has formed in millions of years under the earth largely protected from harmful environmental influences. Due to the high pressure conditions the water has been squeezed out and the salt grains have been transformed into crystals, characterized by a highly bio-energetic vibration pattern that corresponds ideally to our organism given its complex structure. Hence, the Himalaya salt is already an essential ingredient of the sophisticated cuisine, being even recommended by eminent cooks. For the mild character of the crystal salt helps excellently to preserve the flavours of the food. In our house, we use Himalaya salt, too.
"It is about to heal the body with the soul and to heal the soul through the body".  Oscar Wilde
Tibetan bowl massage - for the sake of health The harmony of our life, both with ourselves and with the environment, is threatened in may ways by the daily stress in all fields of life. This is where the Tibetan bowl massage helps us as a very efficient relaxation method. Thanks to the soothing sounds we can easier get rid of stress, accumulated worries, anxieties and blockades. This relief creates a good basis for revitalization and for the reinforcement of self-healing forces.
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