General terms and conditions  As always in life the room reservation is subject to certain rules. The hotel contract (room reservation/room rental) is a binding agreement, being governed by the provisions of the German civil law (BGB) concerning temporary rental contracts.  Additionally, the guidelines released by the "Deutscher Hotel- und Gaststättenverband (DEHOGA)" (German hotel and restaurant association), confirmed by the current jurisdiction, have to be observed.  Rules of the DEHOGA:  1. The hotel contract shall be deemed concluded as soon as the booking of the room/apartment is confirmed, or, if a confirmation is not possible, once the room is made available. 2. The conclusion of a hotel contract obliges the contracting partners to fulfil the agreement, regardless of the duration of the contract.  3. If the hotel is not able to provide the requested accommodation, it shall pay damages or provide at least equivalent services. 4. The guest is obliged, even if he does not make use of the room, to pay the agreed price or to compensate the losses incurred by the hotel. 5. The hotel is deemed to rent the vacant rooms/apartments to other guests, acting in good faith, in order to avoid losses. 6. Unless the room can be rented to other guests, the guest has to pay the amount quoted in paragraph 4 according to the duration of the contract. In accordance to the jurisdiction, the hotel shall be entitled to charge 90 % of the agreed rental price for an apartment, 80 % for accommodation with breakfast and 70 % for half board accommodation. 8. The site of the hotel shall be deemed the place of jurisdiction.  Travel insurance Of course, we wish to welcome you unscathed in our house. However, we suggest you to take precautions for unpredictable difficulties.  Book without risk! If you are forced to leave us earlier than foreseen or if you have to cancel your journey because of illness or an accident, the travel cancellation insurance will protect you from protect you from financial losses. The insurance with reimburse you for cancellation fees, additional travel expenditures and charges for travel services which you can't make use of. We suggest  you our partner:   Click here to take out a travel cancellation insurance
General terms and conditions
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