Itinerary: "Höllentalklamm - Rinderscharte - Osterfelderkopf" It is a demanding day tour for well-trained mountain hikers. Solid shoes are required! Duration: about 5 hours.  Starting at the hamlet Hammersbach, you will first walk along a road before taking the footpath leading to the refuge hut at the entrance of the gorge "Höllentalklamm". From there you walk for about 1 kilometre through the gorge, an unforgettable nature experience. In the gorge you will follow a safe trail protected by railings and galleries. At the end of the gorge the trail continues meandering through the "Höllental", offering a stunning view over the Mount "Zugspitze". Once having reached the refuge hut "Höllentalangerhütte", you have to climb onto the peak "Höllentorkopf" following a steep but well-kept footpath. On top of the peak you will be rewarded by the marvellous panorama of the massif of the Mount "Zugspitze". From there you have to walk only about 250 metres to reach the cable car station of the "Alpspitzbahn" which brings you back to the valley. From the ground station you can walk back through meadows to the starting point "Hammersbach" (about 20 minutes). Itinerary: "Osterfelderkopf - Hochalm - Kreuzeck" This is an easy circular itinerary for hikers of any age on well-kept trails at a height between 1.650 and 2.050 metres. Duration: about 2 hours During the ascent with the cable car "Alpspitzbahn" you will have a stunning view over the "Höllental" and its glacier. Having arrived on top of the "Osterfelderkopf" you will enjoy the impressive panoramic view over the valleys of the river "Loisach" and the river "Isar". From there you can choose between two itineraries which lead both to the peak "Kreuzeck". First there is a relatively even broad trail along the crest "Aschengrat", which leads to the "Hochalm" running past the refuge hut "Münchner Hütte". Second there is a well-kept footpath, which runs beneath the cable car "Hochalmbahn" to the "Hochalm" across the saddle "Längenfeldersattel". From the "Hochalm" a broad trail leads to the peak "Kreuzeck" alongside impressive rock towers. Having reached the "Kreuzeck", you can return to the valley using the cable car "Kreuzeckbahn" or you can walk back down following the footpath "Jägersteig" (about 2.5 hours). Circular trail around the lake "Eibsee" below the Mount "Zugspitze" This is an easy walk of about 7.2 km - Duration: about 2 hours Lovingly nestled in the rocky landscape at a height of almost 1000 metres below the Mount "Zugspitze", the lake "Eibsee" with its gleaming deep blue water is a gem in the surroundings of Grainau. The lake "Eibsee" is 3.15 kilometres long, 0.56 km wide and up to 35 metres deep (the depth depends on the season). On the northern lakeside, it is dotted with 7 islets. The lake "Eibsee", which was formed in a tremendous mountain collapse, is justifiably considered as one of the most beautiful and cleanest lakes of Upper Bavaria. Undertaking a walk around the lake, you will enjoy the marvellous views over the lake, the huge faces of the "Waxenstein" massif and the Mount "Zugspitze", the highest peak of Germany. Numerous picturesque inlets and idyllic little beaches invite to spend pleasurable and restful moments. For further information concerning the hiking trails in the area around the peak "Alpspitze", please consult the website:
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